Our values

Say no to child labor and fast fashion trends, supporting friendly working conditions and production processes that love and respect the environment, animals, society and people.

We respect and love

🌿The environment

  • We produce clothing, swimwear and accessories from rags that have been left over from partner crafts over the years, contributing to recycling to give new life to excess fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfill.
  • We avoid the further dyeing process of the fabrics to protect the sea waters.
  • All packaging is eco-friendly, made from recycled paper while avoiding ready-made prints. Our labels, as well as our packaging decoration on all products are handmade.

🐆The animals
  • Natural animal skins are not used for the production of dusha products.
  • We avoid any practice that will lead to the contamination of the marine horizon and by extension will burden the cycle of marine life and the creatures that live in it.
👥 Society & man
  • We choose small, Greek crafts to produce our products, supporting the local community and economy
  • We ensure that workers throughout the production cycle of dusha products work under fair conditions and are paid for it.
  • We support vulnerable social groups, choosing cooperating businesses and suppliers that contribute to the elimination of social discrimination.
  • We refuse to work with companies that resort to child labor or abuse of workers.

Our values make us proud and support our mission for products that are